About Western Fleet

Here at Western Fleet Services, we strive to deliver exceptional services to our customers that are both conformable and cost effective.

Founded in 1998, Western Fleet Services specializes in comprehensive on-site fleet services. We do fueling, preventative maintenance and fuel tank rentals. Keeping trucks and equipment fueled and maintained is essential to any operation. Let our industry leading services keep your job site ready to go at all times.

We offer comprehensive on-site fueling services using quality fuel and premium additives to keep you up and running. With 24 hour delivery, we can fit into any schedule. Why lose productivity by waiting on fuel? We can customize a service plan to fit your exact fuel needs, on your schedule.

Our expert preventative maintenance is able to take care of all your on-site service needs to keep your trucks and equipment running. Ranging from daily lubrication to DOT inspections, we are ready to keep your entire fleet running at peak performance.